Finished piano for Barn 01

By Mark on 30 Jun 2011

Well we finished all of Pat's piano parts for Barn 01 tonight. He had two parts we tracked. There's a deep heavy part underneath the light poppy part you may recognize from our live shows. Being able to record multiple passes gives us so many more options for part-writing. Who knows, we may even add an organ part.

I also got a chance to play around with MIDI. This method records the keys Pat presses as individual events rather than capturing the audio produced by the keyboard (we did record that too). This will let us take his part and add or change the sound made by his keyboard during mix-time. It might save us the trouble of re-recording the part if there turns out to be something we wanted differently.

Below is what the part looks like. The red section shows the part Patrick was actively recording at the time. The grey section underneath that is capturing which keys he's pressing (MIDI). If you want to hear it instead of just seeing it, make sure to watch for the release of this song down the line.