Guitar and Locks of Love

By Mark on 16 Sep 2011

Sorry there hasn't been a post in a while.  I'd come up with some great excuse but I don't really have one. I bought an acoustic guitar over the weekend so I suppose I could use the excuse that I've been playing that. We've actually been quite busy lately. We got Pat's acoustic guitar track recorded for Down in Flames. We're also half way through Erik's vocal harmony part for These Four Walls. Unfortunately he's got a cold or something similar. Playing an instrument with a cold is annoying but the instrument's not affected. Singing with a cold is a whole other story and he's been fighting to get a good tone. We got a good chuck of it done, though. Pat also came up with a additional harmony for the bridge of These Four Walls that sounds killer.

Patrick playing guitar

Mike got his hair cut last week. If you don't know Mike it probably sounds like we need to get some better material to write about. If you do know Mike you're probably struggling to comprehend what you just read. He's had long hair for a while now and last week he got most of it chopped off and donated it to Locks of Love. They will take the hair and use it to make wigs for children suffering hair loss due to medical conditions. I'm not sure if he plans to grow it out again or not but it was quite a shock when he walked into the studio.

Mike's new haircut