About the Band

Artios is a motivated pop/rock band formed in western Michigan with some members now residing in Chicago. They are a five piece band with a powerful sound, focusing on quality songwriting and energetic live performances. To get an idea of their sound, imagine The Beatles go on a ski trip to the Alps. After a failed attempt at the terrain park, they crash into one another creating a huge Beatle snowball that rolls over Billy Joel in the moguls and then smashes into the lodge where Stevie Ray Vaughn is playing. Somewhere in the rubble you will find the sweet sound of Artios.

From bars and clubs to live shows on the radio, Artios has performed in numerous venues throughout southwest Michigan and Chicago to promote the release of their EP, entitled Siren. Recently, they performed as part of the Live, Loud N' Local festival. In 2011 their music helped cheer on participants in the first ever Kalamazoo Marathon, with over 1,500 in attendance. Artios is also currently in the process of recording their first full length album, utilizing the knowledge of several Artios members with experience as professional sound engineers. They recently released Home and The Vision off their future album on WIDR 89.1FM.

Founding members of Artios, Erik Sebastian (guitar, vocals); Ryan Cousins (drums, vocals); and Patrick Sebastian (keyboard, vocals), have been playing together for over a decade with roots as a blues oriented group and later adding Mike Grammes on guitar, sax and vocals. With the final addition of Mark Wolf (bass, vocals) the band has been hard at work writing original music and building up a following in the Midwest. Artios plans to release their first full length album and begin promoting it with a regional tour within a year.

Pat Sebastian – Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals

Pat playing keyboard at Monaco Bay

Patrick has been a rock star since he and his brother Erik started their garage band The Sparks when they were in elementary school. Patrick has since been playing piano for 18 years. He has studied in the piano studio at Western Michigan University under Dr. Steve Zegree and Yu-Lien The. Patrick recently graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in business. He grew up in Vicksburg, MI and has lived there most of his life. Patrick’s musical influences include just about every kind of musical style.

Erik Sebastian – Guitar, Vocals

Erik hamming it up on stage

Erik is a homegrown hero born and raised in Vicksburg, MI. He has been playing guitar for the past thirteen years in addition to a variety of other instruments. His biggest influences have been Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Beatles and many more while he searched for his own musical style. When he’s not shredding he enjoys winter snow sports, working on cars and performing the hokey pokey. Throughout his life Erik strives to return mainstream music to its former glory.

Mike Grammes – Guitar, Sax, Vocals

Mike on the saxaphone

Mike has been involved with music most of his life. He has received a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a creative writing minor from Western Michigan University. Mike was born and raised in various places in Michigan until he finally settled in Kalamazoo and joined Artios. His musical power is contained in his “chops” and he will never let a Delilah cut them off. His musical influences are anything that he deems “good music” which mostly means jazz, blues, and anything that rocks. For Mike music is the soul’s communication with the world.

Mark Wolf – Bass, Vocals

Mark on stage at the Lake Party round 2

Mark hails from the sunny shores of England. He’s been playing since he was eleven and spent most of his time in the jazz idiom. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music and chemistry in 2008 and has been expanding his music horizons since then. In his spare time he likes to snowboard, play soccer and take long walks on the beach. When he says long, he means long. None of those one or two hour walks. He plans to continue playing bass long into the years of senility.

Ryan Cousins – Drums

Ryan jamming out at the Lake

Ryan grew up in Vicksburg along with Pat and Erik and has been playing drums since 1993. He was a member of the WMU snare line from 99-02 and served as drum line section leader for two years. In addition he has taught private percussion lessons and written for and instructed various area high school drum lines. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History Education and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree. He hopes to be teaching in the area soon. He loves blues, jazz and Rush. Yes Rush is its own genre.