Deck Party Today

By Mark on 03 Jul 2011

We played at Erik and Patrick's parents' party today. The weather was great and the company was even better. Mike had to work in the middle of the afternoon so we played early. Sure some people might not consider 1PM to be early but for musicians getting up before the sun goes down is outside of our comfort zone. We had some great times with friends. We also got to share our music with the people that floated by on pontoon boats during the course of our show. If you were on one of those boats, I hope you had a great time out on the lake today.

Artios Sound Check

The day was not without its problems, though. Pat broke a string on the acoustic guitar. Our friend Joe offered up his guitar but the lack of a pickup meant we couldn't use it. All things considered, though, the show was a success. A special thanks to the Sebastians for hosting us and to everyone that came and enjoyed our music. I had to leave at five but I hear there were some jam sessions that happened after that, too.

Ryan running through his drums