The good news is the amp works again...

By Mark on 05 Jul 2011

…the bad news is we didn’t have any time left to record anything. We started out by getting Mike’s amp up in the attic of the barn. This wasn’t easy to begin with; in case you hadn’t noticed (or don’t live in Michigan) it was very hot today. So we got Mike’s amp up and running and were about to track when we noticed an obnoxious buzz in the microphones. We switched it out with Erik’s amp and realized that had a buzz in it, too.

Circuit board in Mike's amp

As we looked in we noticed that one of the transformers had come off and was stuck to the magnetic speaker. I think everyone’s response was the same: “Huh…” We figured we could tackle this problem easily, though. We pulled apart the amp. That was an adventure in itself. There’s always one screw you can’t find that’s keeping the whole thing from coming out. Then we had to remove the main circuit board so we could get underneath it to the screw. A few zip-ties later and we had the transformer properly (and I use the term loosely) seated back in its spot. Then we soldered the inputs back in to place. With constant, fermented abuse they had become loose.

Transformer in Erik's amp

Of course, no band repair job is complete without tape; Mike taped down the inputs to the board so they will hopefully last longer this time. After that we just had to put everything back together. Turns out we weren’t done, though. Two out of the four screws that hold the speaker in place had fallen out. The other two were about ready to fall out. We’re still not quite sure what was holding it in place.